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Dejan Ljuština

partner u društvu PwC CEE

Dejan Ljuština is a leader of the PwC regional team for management consulting in charge of business management.

In the South-East Europe region, Dejan is in charge of telecommunication and media sector within PwC, and in Adria region he leads the PwC energy sector.

He belongs to highly-skilled personnel in the field of operational restructuring, strategy, market regulations, efficiency management and M & A (mergers and acquisitions), in large part implemented in complex business contents of regional blue-chip companies in the sector of telecommunications, media, energetics and retail. Dejan established a powerful international network of professionals on the grounds of his competencies, client management, and exceptional professional knowledge in the industry, and therefore he is a regularly sought-after guest-lecturer at key international business events in a wider region.

Furthermore, he is a regular columnist of the leading regional magazines. Before joining the PwC team, he spent eight years in Deloitte, and three years as a project leader in the association Intel Corporation, where he lead the team of software programmers, working at the development of Intel’s “Itanium Family” processors. He started his career in Ericsson. After graduating from the Faculty of electronics and computer science in Zagreb, he acquired a master’s degree in economy and business management at IEDC, Management School (MBA) at Bled in Slovenia.