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Jacky Zhao


Jacky Zhao Huawei Technologies, Regional Device Director

Since May 2015, Jacky Zhao is Huawei Device Director of Balkan Region. In that role he oversees and drives Huawei consumer business across offices in Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania.

Jacky leads Huawei device business strategy and is also responsible for establishing new strategic alliances, partner relationships, and overseeing development of new technology for Huawei consumer business group.

Prior to that, Jacky was Head of Devices for Huawei New Zealand, where during 5 years he was responsible for executing Huawei global strategies, ensuring a positive experience and brand image for customers, partners and consumers.

Before  joining Huawei in 2008 as product manager, Jacky spent 2 years as sales manager at EPCOS, where he have lead sales operation in very challengeable and competitive market, for one of the world’s leading supplier of electronic components, modules and system.