Tomaž Drozg

Tomaž Drozg
Owner and director of Adria Media Ljubljana, co-owner of Mea diagnosis, and president of the Slovenian Media Association

Tomaž Drozg has been a co-creator of the media space since 1982. For the first 10 years of his career he worked as a journalist and editor, and for the next 10 years he was the owner of one of the largest Slovenian advertising agencies at the turn of the millennium.

He returned to publishing in 1994 when he published Grand Prix magazine, followed shortly by Grif magazine, which launched a satellite live streaming event in 2000, whereby in one day 8 million users from all over the world watched the first skier ever to ski down Mount Everest.

In 2001, he brought the first global magazine brands to Slovenia with his publishing house Motomedia – Playboy, Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, and Connect, and later Elle, Story, Sensa, and PC Magazine – and devoted himself entirely to publishing. In 2002, he founded the tabloid Nova, and that same year brought German strategic media investors to Slovenia, followed by the European publishing giants Bertelsmann and Sanoma in 2005, which were later joined by Styria. Under the new owners, the publishing house was renamed Adria Media Ljubljana.

In 2012, Drozg regained ownership of Adria Media Ljubljana, which now counts itself among the 10 largest Slovenian print magazine and digital publishing companies. Tomaž Drozg is also the founder of international projects in the field of e-mobility, as well as, e-medicine and

In 2018, he published the first digital medical manual in Slovenia, called Moja diagnoza (My Diagnosis) in partnership with Mea diagnosis, a company in which he owns the majority share.

Tomaž Drozg is the president of the Slovenian Media Association (SMA) and a member of the Managing Board of the Slovenian Advertising Chamber (SAC).