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Program 2018


OTT Platform RTS planeta


Branislav Antović, RTS

Branislav Antović , RTS

Executive Director of the Sector for Development and New Affairs of the Public Media Institution of Radio Television of Serbia


UNICEF: Family Safety Net – Children and Internet, Smart from the Start!


Dobrinka Kuzmanović, Psychologist

Dobrinka Kuzmanović , Psychologist

Teacher assistant at the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Media and Communication in Belgrade


Continental Climate in the Pannonian Plain: Fears and hopes of the domicile IT world


Jelena Jovanović, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Srbia

Mirko Topalski, Eipix Entertainment

Nenad Milanović, Coing

Vukašin Stojkov, Startit

Milan Šolaja, CEO @Vojvodina ICT Cluster

Jelena Jovanović , Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Srbia

Secretary of the Association of Electronic Communications and Information Society.

Mirko Topalski , Eipix Entertainment

Founder and CEO of Eipix Entertainment, a game development company from Novi Sad, Serbia. E

Nenad Milanović , Coing

Owner of IT company "Coing"

Vukašin Stojkov , Startit

Vukasin Stojkov is an entrepreneur, designer and technological activists.

Milan Šolaja , CEO @Vojvodina ICT Cluster

Milan is a future-oriented and success driven. Since 2010, he is at the helm of the Vojvodina ICT Cluster, based in Novi Sad, capital of Serbian province of Vojvodina.


Keynote speaker – Tanja Tatomirović


Tanja Tatomitovic, Microsoft

Tanja Tatomitovic , Microsoft

Communications Lead for Microsoft CEE Multi-Country Region.